About me

My name is Jasmine and I am a psychic, medium, clairevoyant and energy reader and have been since I was a child. I learnt how to use my gift to the best of my ability so I could go on to help others. My readings are uplifting, hopeful and always honest, never to mislead.I respect your privacy, and I will never judge you or your questions. My purpose is to help you find your answers, and achieve your goals. One of my personal goals is to help you to discover happiness and peace in your life.

My strengths lie in my compassion for my clients, my ability to connect to spirit without tools and the ability to see how positive changes could help your life. I believe we create our own destiny and that the future isn’t set in stone, when we open the pathways of our life we open up the possibilities we have to live our dreams and follow our hearts.

I am also a claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairsentient which means that I have an intuitive clear of knowing, an ability to hear and to feel spirit around me and I use these skills to compliment my readings.

I also have the ability to see the human body as it is in 3D. This helps me to help others to see if there is any distress or issues in their body. I believe that the body, mind and soul is connected therefore to see where we have any physical issues or pain that can help us discover how it is connected to our emotional level.

I am an indigo adult it means that Indigo Adults are special souls that incarnate here from other planets or dimensions. They are in this world, but they are not of it. There is a marked difference in their level of vibration to the vibrations of normal Earth souls. 

My spiritual journey began as a youngster. I believe I was 14-15 years of age. I used to sense a strong non physical presence around me especially after the loss of a loved one. At that time I was both too young and too terrified to comprehend and make any sense of the situation. After this period, mainly due to fear, I endevoured to completely ignore its exsistance. Nevertheless I have always remained lightly interested in spiritual subjects and spirituality as a whole, but never too serious. This was up until few years ago, whilst at home with my mother strange things happened! Objects fell to the floor from positions and other situations that impossible to believe. Started hearing voices. Seeing spirits of estranged family members. They spoke with me and from time to time spirits of others would appear. I began to attend guided meditations, this helped to expand and increase my level of understanding of the spiritual realm and therefore gaining in confidence, and after all I work closely with Angels, who help me whenever I need them to help others with healing. I am able to see aura, read energy and also if anyone has any curse on and also able to give them protection.Over the years started seeing more than just energies, I started to see more than just a person sitting in front of me,I saw the skeletal system, as well as the human body as it is.It’s like seeing the human body in 3D.This helped to help others seeing any phyisical distress or issues that might occur. I am also able to communicate with spirits, and able to see the past, present and future. I had to realise during this time that I’ve also seen people who are still alive and find out more what they might have to help others.

These abilities helped and allowed me to help others with any problems they might face in life and offer them support and guidance along their journey.

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