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I am very grateful to Jasmine, as she helped me to contact with my dad who passed away long time ago. I could speak to my dad and I could resolve my issues with him that was a weight on my mind since his death. After talking to Jasmine, I was able to breath again, relieved in many levels. Since the protection I got from her helped me to feel uplifted and my general wellbeing has improved and I have a much more positive approach to life as ever before. Thank you once again.I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Ildiko L.


I would like to thank Jasmine for her spiritual guidance and accuracy. I was astonished when she described in precise detail events in my life, which would be impossible for her to know. Jasmine went into great detail about childhood experiences I went through with my best friend who is sadly deceased. It was an eye-opener, I will definitely be consulting Jasmine again and cannot recommend her highly enough. Jasmine is very friendly, caring and has a genuine desire to help others.
Kelly M.


I was amazed and shocked how accurately Jasmine described my brother without ever seeing him, and told me about his condition and her predictions that came true a week later.She is gifted and her reading was very accurate and amazing.I can only recommend her to anyone.
Pauline T.


I am very grateful to Jasmine for all she has done for me.For years I was fighting against something I couldn't explain what it was.I've always had plans but never managed to make them happen as it felt something held me back.Since I received protection from Jasmine, I feel more positive, and I know I am on the right path and nothing is impossible anymore.I can only thank you for your help and support.
Zoltan V.


I just want to say thank you to Jasmine to help me through during that difficult time in my life.Every time I spoke to you on the phone you gave me courage and guidance to how I could make my life better.You didnt tell me what I wanted to hear but told me the truth what you saw…even though I thought it was harsh but that really helped me to go on the right path to the full recovery.I do what you told me to do to get off all that pain and fear and after doing that I always feel lighter.Thank you for your help.
Melinda K.


Unfortunately I didnt have a chance to meet you personally but I could ask you some questions over phone. I cant say I was delighted to hear the answers for some of the questions but have to say it made me rethink and also made me do something about them. I also felt effect of the protection I was given very soon and since then I dont have no fear about the future. I feel more positive about life and its nice to know how to be prepared for things that come. I'm very grateful for your help and thank you once again.
Marianna Sz.


I just want to say thank you for Jasmine for the reading.It was supportive and helpful.I was also grateful for the protection she did for me and my son.I felt like someone just pulled something out of me.I had a good night sleep and felt really uplifting and light the next morning and ever since.Also my son couldnt sleep at nights in his room and had nightmares almost every night but since the protection he received, he has no nightmares anymore.Thank you one more time.
Tünde B.


Jasmine helped me to contact with my mum and be able to tell her what I have never managed to say since she passed away.I felt big pressure on me not being able to tell her things I always wanted to but through Jasmine I could and felt so calm and uplifiting after.Also I received messages from her.The protection I received helped me to get through the darkest times.I feel balanced and more relaxed since then.Thank you Jasmine and it is good to have you!!
Andrea Ö.


Im very grateful for Jasmine to help me when I felt there was no way out.I received clear guidance and also clearing and protection.This made me feel like I have lost so much weight emotionally.I felt I couldnt move my arms because of so much load(emotional) I felt I had over my shoulder.I had stomach pains for two weeks that stopped and feel so lighter and have a clear vision about things in my life now.I feel Jasmine helped me get out of this deep state I have been.Im really grateful and thank for her help.
Betti T.


I have contacted Jasmine a few months ago and everything she said came true!Changes in my life and so on.Im grateful and thank you for your help.


Jasmine is truely blessed with natural powers. I asked her 2 questions in morning and got a reply same evening. She exactly said what was going on in my life and why these things were happening. She also mentioned a rough time scale when things would improve. The reading bought my mind to peace and gave me reassurance. She is very friendly, approachable and prompt at communicating back. I would highly recommend getting a reading from her.


I am so impressed with your accuracy and to the point reading.You knew so much that not many have known.Especially on here.Thank you a million times jasmine you have been very accurate on your reading to me I will never forget. Thank you god bless
Michelle L.


Spot on thank u so much feel more at ease now as I miss them so much and just wanted to know they were together and I cant thank you enough hunni love and light xxx
Elaine G.


Thank u Jasmine spot on- I had to think bout one bit but so right so thank you so much
Tammy S.


You were completely accurate thank you so much your truly a blessing. I appreciate you giving me a portion of your time and sharing your gift much love <3
Crystal H.


Thank you for an accurate caring reading. Even more thanks for caring enough to respond to my question when you had hundreds waiting for answers. Thank you!Sue
Ann B.



Thank you for your reading you were spot on.Lisa W.


Thank you for an accurate caring reading. Even more thanks for caring enough to respond to my question when you had hundreds waiting for answers. Thank you!Sue Ann B.


Wow what an amazing person !! my reading was 100% correct there wasnt a single part that i didnt understand/relate to !! x thank u soo much  Jasmine xxx  Natalie P.


Thank you!I can surely say that you are right about a lot of things, the thing about liking people but not being around too many at the same time, is spot on!Thank you for taking your time and energy to write and read me:) Daniel S.


Thank you for my reading just now you picked up on my situation that I am going through and have given me some good advice thanks a million for taking time out of your day to read for me x x x Julie M.


Thank you Jasmine for my mini reading.It was very accurate about myself and so suprising to hear it from someone I’ve never met or even spoken to. Your words were reassurin and helpful about myself and also family that have passed away. I will be asking for your help again soon. Thank you again, Georgina B.


The reading is so accurate and scarily true.Thank you so much again, you have been most helpful. Emma Y.


I had an aura reading done by Jasmine and I can tell you, I was pretty amazed! Jasmine was pretty spot on with everything. I’ve already recommend her to my friends and I will use her service again, because it was a nice experience for me. She’s very nice to talk to as well . Love, Eva B.


I have just been lucky to win an aura reading and was totally spot on with my current life, path and me as a person. very much appreciated and higlhy recommended xx

Nicky R.


Many thanks for my free reading Jasmine U have brightened my day and I certainly look forwad to 2016 just can’t thank U enough so delighted with it xx  Jane E.


Thank you Jasmine, very accurate you are a blessings 😇 J🙏  Ja   Rosey S. (30/03/17)



Thanks so much for ur reading Jasmine really listens to what u are asking about and her reading are put in normal language so I could understand and also very accurate thanks so much. Arlene S. (17/07/2017)


Just had a lovely message from Jasmine. Thankyou so much it’s nice to hear my nan is with me xx  Josey H. (09/11/17)


Got a mini reading with Jasmine! Wow one of the best  I have had yet!Pretty impressed got to say a lot was spot on x thank you x god bless. Maureen B. (03/12/17)


Wow is all I can say, very accurate information. Becky K. R. (03/12/17)


Jasmine was great. She’s friendly and her messages were really on-point. An over-all good experience. I highly recommend her Jeanette R. (09/04/18)


Had a lovely reading from Jasmine it’s just what I needed to hear thank you so much everything you said was so true xx Sam A. (17/05/18)


I had a beautiful reading and some energy healing from Jasmine not only was she spot on with everything, I felt lighter and everything seemed clearer… and she gave me some great advice too!! 

She has a beautiful soul and was worth every cent….I loved it. Donna D. (23/07/18)


I asked for an apartment cleaning for a friend of mine because he had a very difficult energy. As it turns out, there were a lot of people in that apartment excluding my friend. In addition, there were some occupying souls who completely disturbed his life. Jasmine has made a miracle, and the souls of all negative energy who have invaded the apartment and its “inhabitants” have gone. It’s like everything’s  changed. My friend also received a positive energy charge, with gratitude for Jasmine always. Lyza D. (13/08/18)


Jasmine was spot on with my situation and provided great clarity. I’m looking forward to getting another reading soon. I highly recommnend her! Eudelia M. (26/05/19)


she was dead on when answering my question. everything she said made sense, especially with the way my parents died and the fact I need to resolve some issues. I can’t thank her enough for the insights. I would highly recommend you using her services. Grace W. (26/05/19)


 Jasmine did a puppy reading for me and Def knew her quirks. Thank you Jasmine. Sascha F. (28/09/19)


I asked for a apartment clearing for a friend because he had very difficult energies around him. As it turned out, many lived in that apartment, besides my acquaintances. In addition, there were many living souls that confused his life. Jasmine did a miracle, all souls with negative energy have gone and all souls that taken over his apartment as well. As if his life has changed. My friend got a positive energy upload and thinks of Jasmine with gratitude. Lyza D. (13/08/19)


On point animal reading done – with little to no background info – by multiple horses of me and my friend which brought us relief and clearance and acceptation. Recommandation! Rianne K. (17/10/19)

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