Spiritual clearing and psychic protection




There are times when we feel stuck and/or vulnerable. Pushing through life like we are walking through mud. It may show up as a problem you can’t seem to solve no matter what you try, something important in life taking longer than it typically should, or it could be even more distressing like a haunted experience. A clearing will not solve all of your problems, but it will remove any negative spiritual energies interfering in your forward momentum. A clearing is excellent for an energetic boost, a shift in uncomfortable energy and a lightening of yourself and your space.

Whether you have spirit attachement or negative energy, it can affect your wellbeing and can be a variety of symptoms.

To do the clearings please contact me via email to discuss it further. I dont need you to be present for the clearings.


  1. Eszter Sipos

    Im very grateful for Jasmine to help me when I felt there was no way out.I received clear guidance and also clearing and protection.This made me feel like I have lost so much weight emotionally.I felt I couldnt move my arms because of so much load(emotional) I felt I had over my shoulder.I had stomach pains for two weeks that stopped and feel so lighter and have a clear vision about things in my life now.I feel Jasmine helped me get out of this deep state I have been.Im really grateful and thank for her help.
    Betti T.

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