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There are times when we feel stuck and/or vulnerable. Pushing through life like we are walking through mud. It may show up as a problem you can’t seem to solve no matter what you try, something important in life taking longer than it typically should, or it could be even more distressing like a haunted experience. A clearing will not solve all of your problems, but it will remove any negative spiritual energies interfering in your forward momentum. A clearing is excellent for an energetic boost, a shift in uncomfortable energy and a lightening of yourself and your space.

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  1. Eszter Sipos

    I asked for a apartment clearing for a friend because he had very difficult energies around him. As it turned out, many lived in that apartment, besides my acquaintances. In addition, there were many living souls that confused his life. Jasmine did a miracle, all souls with negative energy have gone and all souls that taken over his apartment as well. As if his life has changed. My friend got a positive energy upload and thinks of Jasmine with gratitude. Lyza D.

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