Dream therapy / interpretation Understanding the meaning of dreams




When thinking of dream therapy – most people might think of a therapist listening to your memories of your dreams and putting the images and symbols into an order that makes sense. This is an outdated idea. Dream therapy is more about (1) guiding a client or (2) helping the self to understand the set up of unique symbols and images and within the range of what the mind presents, work out meaning or apportion them to emotional or physical states. It is important to understand the scope of dream therapy before looking at the history and indeed the application of it to give a broader comprehension of this topic.

Dream therapy  fulfils many roles. It is more than simple interpretation. It can also be a way to look at different trouble-shooting options the subconscious can offer to you while you sleep. Dream therapy  means of confronting our subconscious, or even our conscious dilemmas, and often finding a way to lead a healthier and more creative life.


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