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Aura is your energy field, it  changes from time to time as the energy surrounds you and radiates from your body is influenced and powered by your inner energy or what is known as chakras.

You have a basic colour which matches  your own personality and soul growth and your overall aura can remain the same unless you experience a subtle or dramatic change or shift in your energy field.

Body scanning is also available . I see the physical body as it is like in3D. I can see the whole body, skeletal system and the organs as well. I can see if there is any discomfort or issue that needs attention.

Please note this does not substitute a medical practitioner.

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1 review for Aura reading and body scanning

  1. Eszter Sipos

    I had an aura reading done by Jasmine and I can tell you, I was pretty amazed! Jasmine was pretty spot on with everything. I’ve already recommend her to my friends and I will use her service again, because it was a nice experience for me. She’s very nice to talk to as well . Love, Eva B.

  2. Rathakrishna (verified owner)

    Thank you Jasmine for the accurate reading and guide, You were completely accurate thank you so much your truly a blessing, appreciate for the healing and light.I slept well after the reading.
    Thank you so much Jasmine
    Blessed 😇

    Truly blessed 🙏

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