Resistances to change

Reflecting on change – the challenges of change, resistances to change, embracing change, and what helps with change.1.Fear. You may fear the loss of the old and familiar. You may fear what could go wrong rather than what could go right. You may fear that change itself will be hard or overwhelming. You may fear the unknown, the uncomfortable, the unexpected. You may fear failure. Less conscious and acknowledged, but very possibly the case, you may even fear success and the changes that can come with that.2. Perfectionism and control can get in the way of change. Change can involve risk, uncertainty, disorientation. There can be an uncharted wildness to change. If you have perfection or control issues you’re going to struggle with the shifting, possibly unpredictable, sands of change.3. The unknown might not be a comfortable prospect if you like safe, known situations and guaranteed outcomes. With change there are new shores ahead. Get excited about those and expect the best!4. There can be challenges with change. Not always, not necessarily, but it’s possible. There may be a steep patch to climb, you may need to build new muscles, check your footing, ask for help, etc. Those challenges, and what they awaken, develop or strengthen, are often actually a part of the many gifts change has to offer. It’s as much the journey as the destination.5. You may feel doubtful during any uncertainty accompanying change. Don’t let your negative ego get in their with doubt talk. Explore options, reflect, review, navigate possibilities, get informed and prepared, but don’t let doubt dampen your spirits or dilute your dreams.6. You may fear losing something or someone with change. You may resist that potential loss despite the positive potentials of change. Ultimately, in letting go you can only ever win; if something’s for your best it will come back, else something better will. Letting go, if that be part of your change, helps to create greater space for the new. That letting go may also be of beliefs, attitudes, pain, your past.I recommend that when you are going through changes, stay positive and reflecting on something positive that may have come from any challenging or less than preferred situation, or something you are grateful for about that, and writing that down too if comes to mind – what you may want to change, as it is, may hold gifts and deeper meaning.
Shared from Aine Belton

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