Chakras – Crown chakra

THE CROWN CHAKRA Colour: Violet Shape: Skull cap Organs and glands: Central nervous system, pineal gland, cerebral cortex Effective essential oils: Lavender, rosewood, clary sage, frankincense It is the Crown chakra that links us to the Divine and opens our spiritual energies. People whose chakra here is under-functioning or asleep have too much base energy and are often absorbed by the cares and fatigues of the world and daily living. They are entangled with noise and argument, with materialistic obsessions. The person whose Crown chakra is active and well functioning has a purpose to life and faith that life is good. They are open to what the universe has to offer and are receptive to new experiences. They have a spiritual energy that enables them to reach their higher self and to explore their spiritual nature. This is a highly sensitive chakra which needs to be opened with some care and awareness. Always remember that the Crown is directly linked with the Base chakra through the other energy centres. They must be connected. The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and it is at the top of the “chakra ladder” which starts from the root chakra that grounds us on the Earth and progresses upward to the Sahasrara (Sanskrit name: Sahasrana – thousand petal) which connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation. When we realize that everything is interconnected and that we are part of the larger scheme of life, we begin to live with gratitude, faith and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety. We are guided by the higher power and we feel divinity from within and from without. The challenge of this chakra is to liberate the spirit – open to the divine – and at the same time stay firmly rooted deep in the ground. Crown Chakra Affirmations I am part of the Divine. I honor the Divine within me. I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences. I cherish my spirit. I seek experiences that nourish my spirit. I listen to the wisdom of universe. I trust my intuition. I am open to letting go of my attachments. I live in the present moment. I am grateful for all the goodness in my life. I love and accept myself. I know that all is well in my world. I am connected with the wisdom of the universe. I am open to divine wisdom. My life moves with grace.

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