Aura and the colours of the aura

The aura: a person’s aura surrounds them, surrounds their physical form. It is possible to sense and see the aura and to be aware of it but this requires a particular sensitivity to perceive. This is a perception which comes naturally and without thinking to some people but is possible for most people to develop if by carefully tuning, they open themselves to see and feel. It requires inner stillness in the healing person to centre themselves and to relinquish too much intellectual control which cleverly deceives the intuitive nature.The aura is essentially an energy field transmitted from the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person. It surrounds in oval form the physical body and is layered with varying colours. Some people’s colours glow vividly, others less so and some are very dim indeed. Some people’s are well formed and healthy in the shape of an egg, others are misshapen and have tears and holes in them. An aura of a person who is not healthy will be misshapen and lop-sided.
A strong aura surrounding and going through a person gives them vital protection against disease and bacterial infection. This is why, when we are at a low ebb, and feeling emotionally and spiritually frail, we are likely to succumb to infection and disease and our immune system becomes weakened.The aura is an energy field or, more exactly, several layers of subtle, non physical bodies: The etheric body, the astral body, the mental body and the causal body. It is the causal body which, as the layer furthest away from the physical body, absorbs Chi or Prana, the life source of all living beings.The etheric body is an indicator of the state of person’s emotional and physical health. It is the layer closest to the physical body and registers alteration in physical health very quickly. In turn this change is sensed in the astral, then the mental and eventually the causal body.

COLOURS OF THE AURAThis is to some extent an uncertain area because different people with strong clairvoyant abilities see auras in different ways and with different interpretations. There is, however, a general agreement that healthy auric colours have a glowing transparency whereas denser and muddier shadings suggest ill health and disease. Auras will certainly change colour and consistency according to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being at a given time. Sensitive healing therapists will be aware of these changes and their signifying of physical ill health before they reach the material body.Most frequently the auric colours follow the sequence of the rainbow but it is rare for people to have them all, particularly the very spiritual colours. The colours red, orange and yellow are often considered to be the Life colours seen nearer the head. It may well reflect aggression and magnetism and for some very powerfully charismatic people, this colour will permeate the entire aura. Young people frequently have this colour or tinges of it in the aura which is associated with sexuality. The brighter and clearer the colour, the healthier and more positive the qualities will be, whereas the darker and less defined colour of red normally indicates greed and self-centredness.Ambition is reflected in orange colouring and is often to be seen in people who thrive in positions of responsibility but again the darker the shading, the more likely it is that the person is frustrated in ambition.Yellow is the colours of communication and most auras have this colour in varying degrees. A good, positive outlook on life will be reflected in vibrant yellow, with clear thought processes with a bright communicative manner. The darker yellows suggest people who have ideas with less practical connection, the daydreamers. Highly psychic personalities usually have a more golden colour of yellow emanating from them.The colour green denotes harmony, love and peace but the brighter emerald green will suggest a creatively bright mind and a person at ease with life’s material side. The darker greens may reflect deceitfulness and envy.Blue is almost invariably present in people’s auras and reflects artistic creativity and spirituality. A person with an ability to heal will often have lighter sky blue in their aura and the stronger blues reflect deeper spirituality.Very rarely the colour violet appears in the aura but this seems to be reserved for extremely spiritual people who have their life’s work dedicated to others in an almost totally unselfish way.There are other non-rainbow colourings which appear for some clairvoyant people in other people’s auras. Sometimes flecks of grey in the aura appear for personalities who are gifted at communicating and black will appear for people who are blocking out feeling or who have seriously bad intentions.

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